Here are the Charcter Profiles.

Please download them to get a feel for the role you plan on auditioning for.

Character Profiles

Here are the Charcter Sides.
Please download them for the audition.

Character Sides

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We are working on it, but in the mean time, if you email us we will be happy to send you all the material.
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Character Name Complexion Can Play Notes
Allen White 40-45 Closed – Filled
Lisa Black 40-45 Closed – Filled
Bob Black 60-70 Closed – Filled
Tom White 40-45 Closed – Filled
Kiley Mixed 17 Open
Logan Mixed 14 Open
Dave N/A 50-55 Closed – Filled
Kathy N/A 40-45 Closed – Filled
Jane N/A 40-45 Closed – Filled

Rehersal Schedule
Sat Mar 9th & Sun Mar 10th and Fri Night Mar 15th

Shooting Schedule.
Sat Mar 16th & Sun Mar 17th.
Sat Mar 23rd & Sun Mar 24th.